Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10 Scribe!!
Hey everyone school is just about done for the year. We need to finish strong.
  • Today in class we watch a TED talk to help us with our speeches.
  • here are some things to remember to help you with your speaches
    • Make sure that you have either shared your presentation with Ms. Smith or you have a jump drive.
    •   Dress professionally.
    • Make sure you have your strategy all planned out.
    • Eye contact
    • Posture
    • Address: Childhood, AHS, Manifesto 
    • Bring Rubric
    • Be Relaxed
  • The Presentation is going in to the Lit Project part of our grade witch makes it 12.5%.
We only have 3 classes left and 4 for Junior's lets finish strong!!!!! 

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