Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scribe 4/24

-Today class began with Mrs. Smith informing us about all important assignments & due dates for the rest of the semester. Each one is below:

4/26: BNW 1-9 Quiz
4/29: Manifesto Work Day
5/1: BNW 7-12 S/R due & 7-12 Fish bowl
5/3: Manifesto Work Day
5/6: BNW 13-end S/R due & 13-end Fish Bowl.
5/8: Manifesto DUE & 10-18 Quiz
5/13: LL Presentations
5/15: LL Presentations
5/17: LL Presentations
5/20: All junior's LL presentations

-Next we assigned who will be doing their LL presentations on the 13th, 15th, & 17th.

13th: Savannah A, Matt D, Zach L, Sam C, Brendan R, Zach B, Morgan, Elle, Ca, Jenny.

15th: Jon, Kristen, Jessica, Justin, Yanni, Savannah R, Trevor, Patrick, Jason, Eli.

17th: Colton, Tristan, Jeff, Allie, Michelle, Jackie, Brooke, Luc.

20th: Ava, Jenna, Kimberly, John & Adi (Juniors).

-After this, every group presented their montage projects. Once everyone finished their presentations we worked on upcoming assignments for the last few minutes of class.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fishbowl question 1-6

This society is so based on scientific progress but have they really achieved any real progress?

Scribe 4/22

Jessica Sotwick

Started out class by turning in Summary Response 1-6.
Then Fishbowl for chapters 1-6!
Some main points:

  • "Community, identity, stability"
    • social stability
  • Purpose of the director tours
    • for the reader to learn about the process of the society
    • shows that it's not a weird thing
  • Why do they all wear white?
    • clean color, perfectly pure society
  • Significance of the class system?
    • No one can work up to a higher class, you're born into your class
    • They are all happy with where they are
      • due to conditioning
  • Reaction to the process to the alcohol process?
    • no reaction really, just part of the process
  • How do you connect the plot to creator vs. creation?
    • Ford is controlling
    • creator never stops; creation conditioned at birth
    • Bernard is the hero; breaks away from typical thought
      • flawed in "perfect" system
  • Conditioning?
    • they don't know anything else
  • Will the world ever come to this?
    • no, too far fetched
  • Parallels between our society today
    • all our wants
        • deal with consequences later
  • Why is sex so prevalent?
    • it's a want
    • it's what they're raised with
  • (we then went on a tangent about teen pregnancy and media involved in sex)
  • More civilized to be with multiple people; never the same one for a long period of time
    • everyone wants everyone
  • Take away all morals: no jealously, love, anger, etc
  • What's their purpose? They aren't striving for anything
    • live for pleasure
    • connect to Dorian Gray
  • Connections to religion and Government:
    • no religion or government
    • they just worship Ford
    • government plays God
  • What are they held accountable to do?
    • to do what they're told
  • Huxley focuses on the downsides of our society and makes them the highlight of Brave New World
  • No consequences for things such as sex, drugs, etc
  • Even without all morals and feelings, they still have the way to judge 
  • Are these people capable of thinking for themselves?
    • yes, they just don't know how to handle emotion
  • There's a pill to fix everything now
    • soma fixes everything
  • Who is responsible? Creator or Creation
    • depends on class rank
  • Will there be a revolt?
    • compared to Fahrenheit 451

Homework: Read 7-9, LL Conference, LL3, Montage due Wednesday

Friday, April 19, 2013

Scribe 4-19

Happy Friday!

Today in class we worked on our montages and were able to have the whole class to work.


We will be having a Socratic on Monday!  SENIORS DO NOT DITCH ON MONDAY!!!
Summary Response of chapters 1-6 is due as well as we will be having a fishbowl.

This is a link to the montage assignment:

Happy Friday 4/19!

Today in class we were given a work day to finish our montage assignments. Make sure your groups sign up in the computer labs to record before Wednesday and save as a MP 3!

A couple of reminders: be here on Monday! We have a summary response due, and a fishbowl and if you are not here you will receive a zero on the assignments.

Homework: Manifesto, LL conference (make sure you come when you signed up!), montage assignment is due on Wednesday and make sure you print out a copy of the script, a summary response is due over Brave New World chapters 1-6. Reminder that is is 1/3 summary and 2/3 response-- make sure you include title, author and main idea in summary! Also keep reading Brave New World.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SCRIBE APRIL 16, 2013:

Today we finished up our group projects for chapter 1-2 and turned one green sheet per group about it.

We started our next group project which is the creative montage! It includes wiring a script and recording it, the script should satirize something about Brave New World's society. This project is due next Wednesday. It is very important to be through at least chapter 4 in order to work on this project Friday!

Summary response due Monday! The summary response is about chapter 1-6 of BNW and should be ready for the fishbowl which is also Monday.
Don't forget to include:
Summary-- main idea
Title, author, Mano idea (big picture)
Examples with explanations 2-3
Topic sentence

Read chapter 5-6
Continue to write down sayings for your manifesto
Meet with Mrs Smith about LL if you haven't already

Friday, April 12, 2013

Scribe April 12

Happy Friday!
Today Mrs. Smith wasn't here, yet we continued what was planned for today

-All work in class today was presenting Satire Projects to the class (we had seen all group's projects except for one, which will be presented on Monday). The projects seen today were all Horatian videos varying differently from television shows to songs and even a viral video poking fun at how boys ask girls to prom.

-A sign-up list was created today for Fishbowls for Brave New World. Sign up for one presenter position and one discussor. There will be a total of three Fishbowls over:
Chapters 1-6
Chapters 7-12
Chapters 13-18

Keep in mind for homework:
-Check out or buy (strongly recommended to buy) a copy of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and begin reading the Forward as well as Chapters 1-2

-There will be another group project due on Wednesday of next week, which we will discuss on Monday

Have a great weekend!

Scribe 4-12

Happy Friday!

There was a sub today.
We did our presentations on the Satires.

Signed up for fishbowl’s on “Brave New World”.



Read Chapters 1 and 2 as well as the Forward in "Brave New World" for Monday.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Scribe 4/8

Today in class we got new seats and then turned in our Stranger Than Fiction summary/responses.  TWe then were given three handouts and learned about satire.  We then read articles from The Onion newspaper and identified aspects of satire in them.  Our homework is to find an example of satire to present on Friday, and our Last Lectures.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Scribe 04/05/13

Today we watched the rest of Stranger than Fiction.  Our summary response is due on Monday and it should be a page to a page and a half double spaced. The questions that were posed in class today were...
How much responsibility does the creator have over the creation? At what point does the creation take responsibility for itself?

Consider them when writing your summary response. Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scribe 4/3/13

Today we watched Stranger than Fiction to prepare for our summary response that is due Monday. We took notes in class comparing the difference between a creator and a creation.

Creator Examples:
·         Causes what is going to happen
·         Has complete control over whether he lives or dies
·         Controls his love interest with Anna Pascal
·         She has a responsibility to say what will happen
·         The creator is just as lost as the creation
·         He is almost OCD regarding his job as shown through his wristwatch which is a symbol of his job

Creation examples:
·         She does not narrate everything
·         He has free will but he his set on a path
·         Stops actions when Eiffel narrates
·         Seeks out help
-          English professor
-          Psychiatrist
·         Doesn’t what to do what the creator says and constantly tells her to “shut up”
·         He tries to determine whether his life is a comedy or a tragedy
·         Coming to the conclusion the that he doesn’t control his fate
·         Poses the question on how to live if death was upon him 

Remember our last lecture part two is due on Monday!