Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scribe 4/24

-Today class began with Mrs. Smith informing us about all important assignments & due dates for the rest of the semester. Each one is below:

4/26: BNW 1-9 Quiz
4/29: Manifesto Work Day
5/1: BNW 7-12 S/R due & 7-12 Fish bowl
5/3: Manifesto Work Day
5/6: BNW 13-end S/R due & 13-end Fish Bowl.
5/8: Manifesto DUE & 10-18 Quiz
5/13: LL Presentations
5/15: LL Presentations
5/17: LL Presentations
5/20: All junior's LL presentations

-Next we assigned who will be doing their LL presentations on the 13th, 15th, & 17th.

13th: Savannah A, Matt D, Zach L, Sam C, Brendan R, Zach B, Morgan, Elle, Ca, Jenny.

15th: Jon, Kristen, Jessica, Justin, Yanni, Savannah R, Trevor, Patrick, Jason, Eli.

17th: Colton, Tristan, Jeff, Allie, Michelle, Jackie, Brooke, Luc.

20th: Ava, Jenna, Kimberly, John & Adi (Juniors).

-After this, every group presented their montage projects. Once everyone finished their presentations we worked on upcoming assignments for the last few minutes of class.

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