Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SCRIBE APRIL 16, 2013:

Today we finished up our group projects for chapter 1-2 and turned one green sheet per group about it.

We started our next group project which is the creative montage! It includes wiring a script and recording it, the script should satirize something about Brave New World's society. This project is due next Wednesday. It is very important to be through at least chapter 4 in order to work on this project Friday!

Summary response due Monday! The summary response is about chapter 1-6 of BNW and should be ready for the fishbowl which is also Monday.
Don't forget to include:
Summary-- main idea
Title, author, Mano idea (big picture)
Examples with explanations 2-3
Topic sentence

Read chapter 5-6
Continue to write down sayings for your manifesto
Meet with Mrs Smith about LL if you haven't already

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