Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scribe 4/3/13

Today we watched Stranger than Fiction to prepare for our summary response that is due Monday. We took notes in class comparing the difference between a creator and a creation.

Creator Examples:
·         Causes what is going to happen
·         Has complete control over whether he lives or dies
·         Controls his love interest with Anna Pascal
·         She has a responsibility to say what will happen
·         The creator is just as lost as the creation
·         He is almost OCD regarding his job as shown through his wristwatch which is a symbol of his job

Creation examples:
·         She does not narrate everything
·         He has free will but he his set on a path
·         Stops actions when Eiffel narrates
·         Seeks out help
-          English professor
-          Psychiatrist
·         Doesn’t what to do what the creator says and constantly tells her to “shut up”
·         He tries to determine whether his life is a comedy or a tragedy
·         Coming to the conclusion the that he doesn’t control his fate
·         Poses the question on how to live if death was upon him 

Remember our last lecture part two is due on Monday! 

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