Monday, April 22, 2013

Scribe 4/22

Jessica Sotwick

Started out class by turning in Summary Response 1-6.
Then Fishbowl for chapters 1-6!
Some main points:

  • "Community, identity, stability"
    • social stability
  • Purpose of the director tours
    • for the reader to learn about the process of the society
    • shows that it's not a weird thing
  • Why do they all wear white?
    • clean color, perfectly pure society
  • Significance of the class system?
    • No one can work up to a higher class, you're born into your class
    • They are all happy with where they are
      • due to conditioning
  • Reaction to the process to the alcohol process?
    • no reaction really, just part of the process
  • How do you connect the plot to creator vs. creation?
    • Ford is controlling
    • creator never stops; creation conditioned at birth
    • Bernard is the hero; breaks away from typical thought
      • flawed in "perfect" system
  • Conditioning?
    • they don't know anything else
  • Will the world ever come to this?
    • no, too far fetched
  • Parallels between our society today
    • all our wants
        • deal with consequences later
  • Why is sex so prevalent?
    • it's a want
    • it's what they're raised with
  • (we then went on a tangent about teen pregnancy and media involved in sex)
  • More civilized to be with multiple people; never the same one for a long period of time
    • everyone wants everyone
  • Take away all morals: no jealously, love, anger, etc
  • What's their purpose? They aren't striving for anything
    • live for pleasure
    • connect to Dorian Gray
  • Connections to religion and Government:
    • no religion or government
    • they just worship Ford
    • government plays God
  • What are they held accountable to do?
    • to do what they're told
  • Huxley focuses on the downsides of our society and makes them the highlight of Brave New World
  • No consequences for things such as sex, drugs, etc
  • Even without all morals and feelings, they still have the way to judge 
  • Are these people capable of thinking for themselves?
    • yes, they just don't know how to handle emotion
  • There's a pill to fix everything now
    • soma fixes everything
  • Who is responsible? Creator or Creation
    • depends on class rank
  • Will there be a revolt?
    • compared to Fahrenheit 451

Homework: Read 7-9, LL Conference, LL3, Montage due Wednesday

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