Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10 Scribe!!
Hey everyone school is just about done for the year. We need to finish strong.
  • Today in class we watch a TED talk to help us with our speeches.
  • here are some things to remember to help you with your speaches
    • Make sure that you have either shared your presentation with Ms. Smith or you have a jump drive.
    •   Dress professionally.
    • Make sure you have your strategy all planned out.
    • Eye contact
    • Posture
    • Address: Childhood, AHS, Manifesto 
    • Bring Rubric
    • Be Relaxed
  • The Presentation is going in to the Lit Project part of our grade witch makes it 12.5%.
We only have 3 classes left and 4 for Junior's lets finish strong!!!!! 

Scribe, Friday May 10th

Friday, May 10th

  • The order for the first day of presentations are Savannah A, Matt D, Zach L, Sam C, Brendan R, Zach B, Morgan, Elle, Caro, Jenny.
  • We watched another Ted Talk in order to get amped for our speeches
  • Our final presentation will go into the reading comprehension category
  • Things to have before the presentation
    • presentation is shared to smith
    • dressed professionally
    • organizational strategy
    • eye contact
    • posture
    • address your childhood, AHS, manifesto
    • bring rubric
  • The last 25 min we had work time
-Matt Donohoe

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday May 8

Today in class we watched a short video on body language to keep in mind for your Last Lecture Presentation.

5 points to keep in mind:
1. Do a power pose before you present.
2. Make yourself big while you talk so people take you more serious.
3. Make small tweaks to make big changes.
4. Make eye contact!
5. Fake it until you become it.

Before Monday you need to share, drop box, or make sure you jump drive works, your LL presentation.

Reminder of who goes when:

13th: Savannah A, Matt D, Zach L, Sam C, Brendan R, Zach B, Morgan, Elle, Caro, Jenny.

15th: Jon, Kristen, Jessica, Justin, Yanni, Savannah R, Trevor, Patrick, Jason, Eli

17th: Colton, Trisitan, Jeff, Allie, Michelle, Jackie, Brooke, Luc.

20th: Ava, Jenna, Kimberly, John, & Adi (Juniors)

Today we also took a quiz, you got to choose between 1-9 or 10-18 see smith if you missed. We also handed In our manifestos so make sure to get that to Smith ASAP and drop box it!

For Friday: continue to work on LL presentation

Monday, May 6, 2013

BNW 13-18 Fishbowl

Friday, May 3, 2013

Scribe 3/3/13

Good morning everyone, it is hard to believe that there are only two weeks left for seniors!

Class started with Mrs. Smith talking about the upcoming homework.
-S/R 13-18 (due Monday)
-Manifesto (due Wednesday)
-Last Lecture Presentation

We also went over the LL presentation:

Attention grabber                                 about 30 seconds
Growing up                                          about 1:20
AHS Legacy                                         about 1:20
Manifesto                                               about 1:20
Conclusion                                             about 30 seconds

                                                               Total = 5 minutes
The rest of class was a work day! The journalism room was available to work on the manifesto.

-Zach Lodge

May 3 Scribe

Today we had a full work day on the Manifesto. We also went over how to create the last lecture presentation (see below). Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!

  • The summary Response over chapters 13-18 Due Monday
  • Manifesto is due Wednesday
  • The Last Lecture is very close at hand
Presentation should look like this

           Attention getter


           Growing up
This should be about 5 Minute.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1st Scribe

May 1st, 2013

Happy Snowy May and PLC Day!
Today we did the fishbowl over chapters 7-12 and turned in our summary response.
If you were absent turn your SR as soon as you can to Ms. Smith and make up the fishbowl.

  • Read chapters 15-16
  • work on manifesto- it's due in one week!
    • We might have another work day on friday so be ready to work on it
  • Last Lecture

BNW 7-12