Monday, May 6, 2013

BNW 13-18 Fishbowl

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  1. To Ava K: I do not agree at all with Mustapha's theory about a consumerist society. I think it very important to honor and celebrate traditions and old things; however, that is for our society today. In the BNW society, it is very smart for Mustapha to rid of all the old things so that everyone has to go out and buy all the new things.
    To Savannah: I think that average in the BNW society is just following along with what role you're given at birth. As long as you do your job well and enjoy your free time with soma and sex, that is the average life.
    To Jessica: I agree completely and found it very bizarre how Mond told John how well the society was progressing. If anything, there is negative progress because these three guys are questioning the society for the first time. If no one has ever gone against the society like this before, how can that be considered progress?

    Were you as disturbed by the fact that people began spying on John at the lighthouse and then came to him to be pleasured?

    What do you think about the comparisons made by Mustapha Mond about Christianity and soma?

    What predictions do you have about Bernard and Helmholtz's future? Do you think they'll be better or worse off?