Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scribe 3/1

Scribe 2/29

Today we had a fishbowl, discussing chapters 5-8. Some main points were:

  • Wilde’s portrayal of women; is it an ugly one?
  • Wilde putting himself in all of the characters
  • Do you think that Dorian even feels bad about Sybil’s suicide?
    • It was thought he didn’t have a true attachment because he was in love with the acting that Sybil did, not her true self
  • Did Wilde actually put himself in the characters?
    • Basil put himself fully in the painting, does that correlate with Wilde?
    • Opposing views
  • Do you think Basil and Dorian’s relationship went downhill once Henry and Dorian became close?
    • Or is it the change in the portrait that offends Dorian?
  • Is the painting becoming older, more grotesque looking because Dorian is gaining brains, and can’t have beauty and brains simultaneously?
    • Is the painting a mirror? Or a window?
    • Foreshadows what he could becomes, but reflecting his inner thoughts
    • Is the painting actually changing? Or is it just in Dorian’s head?
  • Will Sybil’s brother kill Dorian?
    • Does that include destroying the portrait?
    • But James doesn’t know who Dorian is yet, but he could seek him out
    • Though a suicide, won’t let it go until blame can go on someone
  • Did Dorian see the ugly in the painting because of the death of Sybil, and his conscience was shining through?
  • Picture becomes moral compass?
  • Redemption is showing his sins (the picture?)
  • When he dies, what will happen to the picture
  • To be fully good, does he have to fully repent?
  • Dorian’s pact: To stay young, he gave his soul to the portrait. So he is living a life without a soul
    • Genesis (Adam and Eve= Dorian and Sybil, Serpent= Henry, God=Basil)
    • Continues into temptation, but he has no soul so can’t feel it but sees it in the portrait
  • Why was Henry more of an influence?
    • Temptation
    • So who is the creator?
      • Basil
  • Ultimate creator has to leave their creation at some point, but there’s multiple influences (creators) through life
    • learn from experience (right from wrong)

Homework: Read 9-10

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