Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Happy CSAP week!! Or should I say TCAP. Oh Whatever.

Today was March 11, 2013 and we had a pretty easy class period, however we also gave a certain poem a lot of thought. We walked in today and after the usual “Hello Smith”, she handed out the poem Helas and we split into groups to analyze it.

Here is a link to the poem: Helas

We also answered questions that helped us to break down the poem, and also to relate it to our current book The Picture of Dorian Gray:

1. Which lines show evidence of the hedonistic, aesthetic philosophy Lord Henry advocates?
2. Which lines reveal a “Faustean Pact”?
3. Which is the most important question the speaker of the poem asks?
4. Excluding the title, pick out one word from the poem which is the most revealing about the author’s emotions.
5. After considering the entire poem’s message, what do you think the title, “Helas”, means?
6. What, if anything, surprises you about this poem?

Since this is TCAP week Mrs. Smith has not given us that much homework, but we do have a few things to do.

  • Read Chapters 15-16 in The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Prepare for the fishbowl on chapters 13-16 on Friday
  • Continue working on the second part of your last lecture; due at the end of the second six weeks

Lastly, if there is any other questions you have about this week or what you have missed, go to this link and check the class powerpoint: Smith English Literature. Have a good week!

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