Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dorian Gray 9-12 Fishbowl

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  1. To Yanni’s comment: I believe that Dorian thought the book he was gifted by Lord Henry was poisonous because he was trying to blame something other than himself for his sins afterwards. Dorian, from the time that he realizes that the portrait reflects his soul, has been blaming everything and everyone but himself for the sins he has committed.
    To Savannah’s comment: I believe Dorian is so influenced by others because he only listens to the things he wants to hear from them. He only takes the things about pleasure and senses from Lord Henry because he enjoys the idea of only feeling happiness in life through that process. He however ignores Bail’s warnings about Lord Henry’s ideals. This is because it is something he doesn’t want to listen to.
    To Sam Crawford’s comment: Yes I do believe people will die in this book. The reason I believe this is because Dorian is sinking lower and lower into evil/cruel tendencies which in the end will cause him to be pure evil. The most inhuman and evil act most people can fathom is murder which is why I believe Dorian will end up killing in this book.
    What do you think will be Dorian’s breaking point when he decides to show someone the painting?
    Would having the painting insight make Dorian not commit more sins in the future?
    What is the most horrible sin Dorian will commit?
    Will anyone else be brought down with Dorian due to his actions?