Monday, March 18, 2013

Scribe 3-18

It was an early start to this windy Monday morning, but we battled through our impending drowsiness.

  • We read, dissected and annotated the poem 'Harlot House'. Please see Mrs. Smith for the questions that we answered in class with our groups. 
  • We then discussed the 'Harlot House.' Here is an in-depth analysis of the poem. 
    • In class we mentioned that we thought when the girl mentioned in the poem, entered the house she was giving up her soul. From the outside it looked like a grand party but from the inside it was far from her expectations. We also drew conclusions to Dorian Gray by how he sold his soul for the pleasure of his beauty while the girl in the poem sold her soul for the pleasure of the party.
  • Homework: Finish Dorian Grey and prepare for the fishbowl on Wednesday if you are a discusser or a presenter. 
Have a great Monday everyone!

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