Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

~3 motifs with quotes from Oedipus the King (motif reoccurring theme, emotion, object)
~Read through page 60 in your man booker prize

Started off class by turning in our who am I essays and then used our phones to polleverything our adjectives about Oedipus.

SAT word of the weekend is......hoy-ploy!!!!!! meaning common people or masses.

Reading time HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

read through page

Looking for motifs through out the story.

Oedipus continues to accuse Creon of killing Laius until Jocasta comes to break them apart. Jocasta tells Oedipus the story of how Laius died and the more in detail she goes the more Oedipus remembers what he has done. He then goes into detail about how the prophecy really did come true, as Jocasta becomes horrified. They wait for the shepherd to be sure that it truly was a band of robbers that killed Laius. A messenger is sent to fetch him so he can present his account on the matter. The messenger comes with news that Polybus is dead which makes them feel they are safe from the prophecy.  Finds out Polybus is really his father (very much a shocker and very well acted in class). Oedipus hears the account from the shepherd and learns what we have known all along. He is the child of prophecy.

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