Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

HOMEWORK: Read Booker Prize-160. make sure you are annotating the book and writing down motifs and specific quotes from your book. College essay final draft due Monday. Work on the Modernize Oedipus performance- will be preformed on Wednesday, no excuses!!!

  • we selected groups on no more than 5 to work on the modernizing of Oedipus project.
  • Make sure you and your group choose one of the following portions of Oedipus to modernize. No more than two groups can do the same scene.
  • their are two main prompts to choose from. A) the prequel, the group will be modernizing the first events that occur in Oedipus's life prior to our meeting him. The major events occurred in this, part I of his prequel include, but are certainly not limited to, hi birth, his families realization of his prophecy, his alleged death, and his adoption into his family in Corinth. B) The Prequel part II. your group will be modernizing the latter portions of his life before our meeting him. These events include the realization of his prophecy, his fleeing of Corinth, his encounter with the sphinx, and his becoming king of Thebes. 
  • All the information can be found in our gold packet titled Modernizing Oedipus the king!!!

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