Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday September 7th

  • By monday read 100 pages out of man booker prize independent reading book
  • Prepare for in class essay Monday (can have skeletal outline)
  • Bring one revised college essay Wednesday (google doc it)

-We finished reading Oedipus the King
Examples of 4 stages of a hero:
  • (pg.2) “Here I am, myself, world- famous Oedipus”
  • Unaware he killed Laus
Initiation (become aware of evil, innocence is lost, intimate awaking)
  • (pg.64) “He is dead and in his grave.”
  • the city’s distress
  • plague
  • sickness
  • dead bodies
  • mourning
  • ships
Chaos (start revealing truth, do not believe the truth)
  • blinded himself
  • he sees that he is the one wrong
  • jocasta distancing herself from Oedipus
  • Realization of marrying his mother
Resolution (hero has wisdom of experience and a fuller wider vision of world)
  • casts himself out of Thebes
  • he gives his children advice on their journey and wishes a better life upon them
Connections to Lance Armstrong Article

  • went through the hero journey:
  • innocence: sport is overall innocent
  • initiation: starts doping;l wanted to be greater than the sport itself, wanted to control his fate, competition itself
  • chaos: let down country, denial(wanted to go back into innocence period, nostalgia),
  • resolution: no wisdom gained, steps away (chooses to make a better choice for his daughter's life), on similar path with Oedipus; realization of reality  

-We discussed the in class essay guidelines
-We had about 15 minutes to start the essay at the end of class

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