Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scribage for Friday, September 21st, 2012
Danger Engberson

In Class:
     Today we began class by doing the following:
  • Returning copies of Oedipus the King
  • Meeting with Man Booker Prize partners for Independent Reading meeting 2
  • Reviewing notes on Elements of Literature (pg. 2-19, 47)
  • Taking group quiz (no more than 4 people per group) on reading
  • Mrs. Smith allowed a few minutes for the "Gates of Heaven" to open (where you were permitted to use your book and the knowledge of other groups to find answers)
  • Taking notes on Characteristics of Epic Heroes, in this case, Beowulf
Epic Hero Notes
  • Larger-than-life character
Usually favored by or partially decended from dieties
Can't be beaten
Powerful because of supernatural influence
At one point goes on a literal or figurative decent into hell
Handsome, similar to Matthew McConaughey
Embodies the following: Host, Christianity/Paganism dynamic, loyalty
  • Epic Poem
Passed down verbally through song or chant
Supernatural influence on main character
Main character believes in gods/dieties
Told for entertainment, while simultaneously showing how humans overcome adversity through perseverance

  • Read Beowulf pg. 1-4 in English book (quiz on monday)
  • Man Booker Prize through page 215
  • Oedipus Essay corrections due Monday, sept. 24th
p.s. Sorry for the late post, I was busy doing my hair for homecoming
<3 Danger

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