Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday 8/27

Monday 8/27

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-We started off talking about the Man Booker Prize.

-For the Man Booker Prize look at the Independent reading instructions
       1.  Annotations - need 15 pages of annotations for the whole book.
                                - not just underlining, need actual comments
       2.  journal entry - choose one passage and write a summary response in one page
       3.  Items/Symbols/Motifs - can pic things that are a real or a just a symbol through out the book
       4.  Hero
       Presentation - Will explain all subjects in about 4-5 minutes
- We read Oedipus the King from page 5 (red book) or page 6(in newer book) to page 19 or page 18

      -things to think about while reading
           - Plague
           - Dying/Sickness
           - farming/cultivating/growing
           - ego-pride
           - role of fate/destiny - gods control
           - battle against gods
           - truth

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