Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday 8/24 class notes

Happy Friday!!!!

I apologize for this being late my family was have some technical problems.

So on Friday in class we started off by getting our Oediopus The King books (See smith on monday to get yours or you can buy a copy in which you can annotate)

Then we proceeded to go over what a good college essay has:
1) creative word choice~ One good resource for this is an interactive website that shows you synonyms for words by branching them off the original. Make sure not to use words you wouldn't use in real life

2)Make sure to use imagery~ Whither with creating a picture or having the reader connect with you emotionally

3)Start strong and finish strong~ make sure that you are staying strong throughout your essay

4)Remember this rule~ 1/3 story and 2/3 you

Then we continued our notes on a tragic hero with the same powerpoint Hero notes

We then discussed the packets we got on Wednesday. Talking about the importance of the masks the actors wore to convey emotion and to help them to speak louder. We also talked about how it was so important that the backdrop was not distracting and how there were only a few main characters were on stage so that everything was focused on the story. This kind of story telling was how Greeks taught their children morals and values. 

After discussing the packets we talked about Oedipus's backround with the following powerpoint oedipus backround. The notes are on the bottom of the page.

We also talked about dramatic irony~ the fact that everyone but the person themselves knows they are doomed 

Then we began reading Oedipus the King pgs. 1-4

1) Influence essay~ Write about someone who has influenced you in your life. Must be typed, a page and a half, and double spaced Due Monday
2) Booker prize choice due monday
3) 3 examples of dramatic irony from Oedipus the King (we will talk more about this Monday)

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