Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012 Recap

Hey guys! Here's what you missed:

  • assigned laptops
  • For homework, read "Oedipus Rex" and "30. A Study of Sophocles" packets.
    • annotate and highlight
  • Post 2 college tips to blog
  • Add your e-mail to class blog so you're able to publish
  • Discussion over college tips
    • Be controversial; but don't cross the line
    • Tell a story; use imagery
    • Don't babble; be considerate of admission officer's time
    • Word choice; but sound like you, not a thesaurus
    • Be original; stand out
    • Be genuine; show them who you really are
    • Revise until perfect
  • How to be a scribe
    • Record events of the day
    • Link assignments
    • Have almost too much information
    • Post same day (before 9:00 pm)
  • Good Donuts vs Bad Donuts
    • can bring other foods
    • bring napkins
  • Laptop Expectations
    • no cords hanging out
    • get laptop at beginning of class
    • handle with 2 hands 
    • report damage
    • $1,300 to replace
Alright, that's the run down of class. We then discussed and took notes on What is a Hero. The notes we have completed so far are below:

Hero Notes
  • Literary Heroes
    • To Kill A Mocking Bird; Atikus
      • defends someone who was unjustly accused
    • Odyssey; Odyseus
      • epic hero
      • defeats all battles
    • Anthem
      • break out of conformity
      • champion of ideas
  • Film Heroes
    • Hancock; anti-hero
      • not typical (ex. drunk)
    • Frodo; epic hero
      • went through journey
    • Katniss; free the people
      • introduced a life saving idea to society
    • Iron Man; anti-hero, epic hero, tragic hero
      • too much pride= tragic hero
  • Historical Heroes
    • Abe Lincoln
      • unified the nation
    • MLK
      • break free from conformity
    • Rosa Parks
      • stands up for personal cause that influences others
We recognize that all heroes fight for freedom and spread a message. We now began talking about the specific types of heroes.
  • Tragic heroes
    • noble birth
    • wisdom
    • tragic flaw
    • faced with a choice then always choose wrong
    • reversal of fortune (caused by tragic flaw)
    • realize their misfortune is their own fault
    • often dies in the end. 
That's as far as we got!
-Jessica Sotwick

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