Monday, February 11, 2013

Scribe 2/8

In class today, we read chapters 3-5, and answered the following questions:

-Who is Frankenstein?

-Who is Elizabeth?

-Who is Clerval?

-What is created?

-Give one defining characteristic of the creature.

-What happens to Frankenstein?

-Why won't our narrator reveal the secret to reanimating human flesh?

The homework is to read chapters 10-13, and answer the following questions:

-What does Frankenstein want to do when he first meets his creation again?

-What does the creature ask Frankenstein to do initially?

-After being driven from the village, where does the creature finally settle?

-Name one thing the creature does to secretly help people in the village.

The only other homework is to write part 1 of your Last Lecture!

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