Friday, January 11, 2013


January 11th, 2013

  • Finished Pausch’s Last Lecture
Notes from lecture:
  • Idea of the brick wall
    • some are there for a reason
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory
    • suddenly got everything he ever wanted
    • lived happily ever after

  • changes to Carnegie Mellon

    • builds a thing called virtual worlds
    • “don’t set a bar because it only stops progress”
    • worked there for 10 years, great experience

  • Aladdin imagineer
    • a one in a five career opportunity
    • changed him forever
    • asked to stay, said no
    • good people to work with
  • ETC
    • success: focus people and learning to work in groups
    • “the infinitely scalable dream factory”
    • worked on the alice project for a long time
      • way to teach computer programming to kids
      • kids made movies and video games
  • Lessons Learned
    • role of parents mentors and students
    • the theory qualifier
    • my son, the doctor
Andy Wan Dam

    • thought of as a mythical creature
    • made me go to graduate school
    • “first boss” respect authority while questioning it
    • we learn from our students
      • president Cohon- having FUN
      • decide if you’re a Tigger or Eeyore
      • never lose the childlike wonder
      • help others
      • loyalty is a two-way street
      • never give up- didn’t get into Brown University

  • how to get people to help you

    • earnest is long term, hip is short term
    • believe in karma
    • you can't get there alone
    • tell the truth
    • brick walls: show our dedication
    • don't bail
    • show gratitude
    • don’t complain just work harder
    • be good at something it makes you valuable
    • find the best in everybody- people will eventually show you their good side
    • be prepared
  • Whole talk was for his children

  • Homework: Summary/ Response due Monday!

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