Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday 1/16/13

Wednesday 1/16/13

Donut Day!

Juniors need to take a the Current Junior Class Options Survey for 2013-14 from the Language Arts webpage. Mrs. Smith recommends all juniors to take World Lit next school year.

We went over the background information of the Dante Alighieri packet that we were given on monday. After going over the information we then took a quiz over it.

Notes on Dante’s 9 circles of Hell from
Circle 1: Limbo “Virtuous Pagans”
Circle 2: “The Lustful”
Circle 3: “The Gluttonous”
Circle 4: “Hoarders & Wasters”
Circle 5: The Styx “The Wrathful”
Circle 6: City of Dis “The Heretics”
Circle 7: “The Violent”
Will go through circle 8 and 9 on Friday

HW: beginning working on 1st part of your Last Lecture

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