Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday 23. 1st hour

Wednesday 23rd 1st hour

    Summary Response over the different songs and movies we watched and listened to.
                 Summary possible topics:
                         Legend - Ridley Scott
                         Devils Advocate - Taylor Hackford
                         "HellonEarth 2006" - South Park  Parker and stone
                         Bedazzled - Harold Ramis
                         "Highway to Hell" - AC/DC
                         "Sympathy for the Devil" - The Rolling Stones
                         "Seven Deadly Sins" -  Hogging Molly
                         "Crossroads" - Eric Clapton
                         Bad - good
                         Dark- Light
                         Evil - Innocence
                         Evil exists in all of us
                         Devil park of everyone
                 Summary Topic Sentence: 1/3 of paper
                          Titles, authors/directors, theme
                           Examples - support theme
                           No personal words, no opinions
               Response: 2/3
                       Topic Sentence
                       Position with why
                       2-3 examples
We then watched a clip from South Parks episode  "Hell On Earth 2006".  Some of the themes are about how the devil was evil when he didn't get exactly what he wanted. After we watched the Devils Advocate and Bedazzled which both demonstrate the theme of choice and how you don't have to choose the devil but how he tempts us all.

After we looked at the paintings.  Smith wanted us to focus on the shadows and the things that stand out in the paintings.

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