Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday 10/3


We have an In class essay on friday over Beowulf, here is the link to the topics:

Here are some tips for the Essay:
  •  Thesis
    • Title, Author, Point, Why
  • Body:
    • Topic Sentence, main idea, why
    • set up situation
    • lead in, "quote" (anonymous 276). - 2/3 per paragraph
    • explain quote
      • connect to point your proving
    • transition to next example
    • concluding sentece
    • repeat for the # of body paragraphs you have
  • Conclusion:
    • Restate thesis
    • summarize argument
    • end in satisfying conclusion
  • Don'ts
    • Personal words - I, you, me, my, our, we, us 
    • No contractions
    • No words like things, stuff, generalities, good, bad
    • Misspelling of characters names
We ended with continuing our poster work on Beowulf

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