Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday October 1

Homework reminders:
  • Keep reading your Mann Booker prize book, page 245! continue working on your container
  • On friday we will have an in class essay on Beowulf
  • Next Monday we will have a quiz on background knowledge on Canterbury Tales

Finish reading Beowulf, Cantos 12-17
  • In these cantos we see Beowulf become injured and Wiglaf kills Grendel out of loyalty to Beowulf.
  • In the battle between Grendel’s mother and Beowulf we see that Beowulf has to go down to hell to fight her while when he fought Grendel it was in a heaven like place.
  • His pride forces him to also want to fight Grendel’s mother. His pride also makes him bring Grendel’s head down into hell.
  • There are a lot of fate elements, when he kills a monster or is saved Beowulf credits fate. The Christian elements don’t seem to flow as much, like the monks went back a wove it in. One place it is seen is when Grendel’s mom can’t touch Beowulf in water because it symbolizes his baptism in christianity.
  • It shows his fight with the dragon is the end
  • The downfall is very symbolic, it shows the downfall of the Anglo-Saxon ideas, Beowulf’s followers deserting him also supports this idea
  • Christian idea- sprinkle water over his body
  • Kennings: combination of nouns together, example line 595 “the mighty water witch”

On Friday in the class Essay the citation will look like
Lead in..., “Quote...” (Anonymous, Line numbers).

  • Look on Ms. Smith’s website for the six different topics
  • On wednesday we will finish the posters

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