Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

Happy doughnut Wednesday! 
October 10, 2012
Today in class we chose groups and a charter for the literally locker tag, we also read prologue for the Canterbury Tales. Also, we started sign up for Man Booker Prize presentation on 10/24:
1. Addie
2. Savannah
4. Savannah A.
5. Tristin
8. Luc
9. Jeff
11. Jason
12. Jess
13. Elle
14. Matt
15. Yanni

Literally Locker Tag:
We signed up in groups of three, if you had four in your group then you chose two characters.

Prologue for Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
We started reading on page 107 and ended on 114 at the Oxford Cleric
  • Some background information: Their were 29 travelers and the host will describe all of the charters and along the way each character told there own stories (which are the Canterbury Tales),who ever told the best tale won a nights stay at the tavern
  • while reading keep in mind that the church was a corrupt entity
Her are the characters and their characteristics that we have read so far:

has passion in his horse and sportsman, he follows chivalry.He doesn’t care how he dresses
Squire: He cares alot about possessions and looks, when he should not because he should be ready to go into battle, he showers more than others and is more of a renaissance man but he serves his father
Yeoman: carried bows and arrows, he is religious because he carries the metal of St. Christopher, doesn’t dress to fancy, pretty middle class, also carries a dagger shield and sword, dirty because he worked outside a lot
Nun (Madame Eglentyne): Holds herself to high standard, good manners, good personality friendly and outgoing , she is gluttonous (she is a large woman who rides a horse because she cant walk, likes to sound more educated than she is, high forehead, she gives food to animals instead of the poor
Monk: good hunter, does not study, owns many horses, has many possessions (does not adhere to rules of church), has fur lines, gold pins, large man
Friar: gives penits, luxriousness, gives girls little pins and pocket knives, only if you pay him will he give you forgiveness but only really forgives the wealthy because they pay him more money, spends his time in the bars, wears clothes that makes him look poorer than he is
Merchant: he is in hudge debt but does not look like it

HW: Man Booker Prize presentation , work on literally locker tag

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