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Ava K. Period 1 1st Scribe

Happy Friday!

We continued reading the prologue for Canterbury Tales pgs. 114-125
Lines 295-766

Discussions of each character:

Oxford Cleric: 
-problems include borrowing money from friends, never repairing them their money which he spends on learning with books and school. 
-doesn't use money to take care of himself based of his hollow look (starving)

Serjeant at the Law:
-"Appearance said enough", does make a lot of money based on his clothing
-Writes judgements based off the law, has an incredible memory for the law
-Seems to be very busy, yet there is not much to do

-Landowner with large amount of money
-Lived for pleasure, he enjoyed company in his house to be a generous host with joy of entertainment
-Gives back to government as a representative and was a model for the gentry (lower class)

Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, and Carpet Maker:
-Guild fertilities (trade class) 

-Was an excellent cook, yet not very religious

-Enjoyed being on sea, if robbed by pirates would fight back
-Travels all over, tan from being outside
-Clumsy on land

-If you weren't that sick, he would still prescribe medicine were you still pay him money and still get back more money from the apothecary
-Used astronomy to tell you the kind of sickness you had 
-Had a special love for gold, greedy. Says it is good for the heart. 

Woman/ Wife of Bath:
-Seems to be a good Christian 
-Had a heart for the Oldest Stances (sex)
-Five husbands
-Wear scandalous garments, spends money on herself more than the church
-gap teeth: especially fitted for love, boldness

-He would do what he needed to do in his on parish, yet would never leave the flock
-Very religious and devoted to group, poor yet enjoyed the blessing of his parish   
-Perception of pretty descent guy

-Hardworking, diligent, generous for his worship to God
-Still gives money to Church more than self

-Very strong man, very large
-Plays bagpipes, which lead the group out of town
-Farmers would bring grain to Miller either to sell or grind up for them to take home
-Gives unfair prices 

 -Can not read or write, yet is owner of law enforcement
-Cheated on workers on pay
-Takes money for himself 

-He takes care of his state, very good at his job, yet is unfair to his employees 
-He doesn't put effort into himself, indicated by his rusty blade

-Imposes punishment on those for your sins
-When he catches you doing sin, you can give him money/ substance for him to forgive you.
-He does not have a pleasant face, does not take care of anything other than his drinking and his pocket

-Scams people by selling things such as pig bones as "Wholy bones from Jesus"
-his cap didn't cover his head he was not loyal to the church

Homework: Man Booker Presentation, Literary Locker Tag
Note: If you have a group of four, you are to make locker tags for two characters
          A list of people presenting man Booker for October 24 is on Day Oct. 10 on this blog


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