Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scribe December 2, 2012

Make sure you are prepared for the act 4 fishbowl!

Today we took our act 3&4 quiz as we watched the Olivier version of Hamlet.
-We payed close attention to how ophelia has lost her mind.\

Then we watched the other two versions, and compared the difference in the degree of ophelia's lunacy. We also talked about the connection between the type of craziness and the time period the interpretation was created in.

Differences between the first (Olivier), second(Gibson), and third(the other one):

1st- Ophelia's craziness is more innocent and somber, she is so nice, and it appears her mind has regressed multiple years. (she handed out physical flowers to everyone like a young girl would)

2nd- She was a little more ravenous, and depressed. Her clothes were dirty and appeared like poor rags. She acted extrememly innapropriate and was mean. The dirtiness of her clothes also made her appearance slightly less innocent.

3rd- Ophelia was so crazy that she was locked in a room in a straight jacket. She was extrememlyangry and very vocal about it, it appeared she did not have to ability to understand what she was going through. Then she proceeded to hand out fake flowers, just adding to the pity of her family.

-Sorry this is a little late

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