Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday 11/7/12

Wednesday 11/7/12

We started class with talking about the requirements for the fishbowls.  Make sure you are doing the critical reading.  That mean going onto AHS subscription sites, and under language arts, click any source, and look up the different questions for Hamlet that you need.  Also make sure your blog question are posted the day of your fishbowl!

Next we took the act one quiz.  Make sure to study!

Next week on Monday, we will have the fishbowl for act two.

Start on page 69
We started reading act two.  While reading keep track of... 1.   how is Reynaldo suppose to spy on Laertes? 2.  Keep in mind about Polonius and Ophelia relationship? 3.  What is the characterization of Polonius? 4.  What does Ophelia report to Polonius and what was his reaction? 5.  What does Claudius ask of R, and G? 6.  R, and G make a decision about their friendship with Hamlet...what does Shakespeare want to tell us about friendships?

Think about how smart Hamlet is acting.  Even though he is acting crazy, is he really crazy?  Think about how Hamlet is "killing two birds with one stone" when he goes to Ophelia, and how he needs to find a way to make Claudius to confess.  

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