Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday November 9, 2012

Guess what! Only one more week until Thanksgiving break.

Plus it's a Friday so today was guaranteed to be a good one. Now I could explain further why today was so special but that is not why you are reading my post.  If you are reading this you probably are in Smith English Lit class first hour and you want to know what we did in class. And because I am the scribe for today it is my job to tell what happened. But before I continue, I hope you realize that today was a great day.
Anyway, English went like this:
  1. Smith was gone today (and we missed her) so there was a sub
  2. We read as a class Hamlet starting from 2.2.40 till 2.2.572 (We did finish the act because the sub wanted to have time to watch the movies)
  3. Then we watched some scene from the different Hamlet movies about the act we had just read
Homework: If you are leading the act 2 fishbowl you need to meet as a group and create a critical review, syllabus and blog question
For everyone else I would suggest finishing act 2 because the fishbowl is on Monday

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