Monday, November 26, 2012

We began class with a new seating chart. We reviewed Act II and finished reading Act III.
        In Act III the theme of eavesdropping was introduced again. Eavesdropping highlights the mutual mistrust of each other that the people in the castle have towards each other.  Questions to ask yourself during Act III.
  • Is Claudius really guilty for killing his brother? 
  • What are the benefits that Claudius has gained because of his brothers death? If anything, what has Claudius lost?
  • If Hamlet kills his uncle, will he be damned? 
  • When his father appears as a ghost to him again, is the ghost a manifestation of his guilt or is the ghost actually existent?  
  • Why can't the Queen see the ghost of her husband? 
  • Why is the King sending Hamlet to England? 
  • Why does Hamlet compare his father and Claudius to his mother?
  • Is the Queen guilty?
  • Why does Hamlet encourage his mother to refrain from contact with Claudius?
  • Is Ophelia living in a prison of herself? Is Hamlet? 
  • Is Hamlet a coward or a man of inaction?
  • What is the significance of Hamlet's vengeance only pertaining to women? (Ophelia, His mother) 
After reading we watched two different versions of the Act. That's it- Have a great day!    

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